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Hi there! We're Equippr!

We created Equippr to solve a problem that gave us endless headaches: gathering up everything you need for a fun and carefree festival experience. As much as we would like to believe that arriving at a music festival will look like this…

Guy going to Woodstock festival

It looks a lot more like this…

Man at Glastonbury

And that’s packing light. Realistically, you’ll probably have to make at least a couple of trips to and from the car unless you make some fast friends. That’s why we wanted to reduce the amount of time it takes to actually get and pack all of that stuff. The stuff that keeps you:

  • Dry
  • Warm
  • Clean (relatively speaking)
  • Fed
  • Healthy
  • Hydrated
  • Close to your friends
  • Happy!

Those adjectives don’t just apply themselves! That’s why we created camping kits to bring you absolutely essential festival gear without the pains of worrying about shipping times for different items, Wal-Mart/Target running out of essentials, and whether you’re buying too much/too little of something.

But we also know that everyone has different needs. That’s why we created two different sets of kits: “Base Camp” and “Summit.” The Base Camp kits contain the basic essentials that you will need, assuming that you already have the big items like a tent and sleeping bag. The Summit kits include more basic supplies and several extra goodies that can be used to upgrade your camp like a tarp, rope, bungee cords, flagging tape, and a collapsible lantern.

Aside from offering helpful camping supplies, we also created Equippr to offer helpful festival-going advice. Keep checking our blog to get tips from real campers who really know what you need. Let us know what else you need for a festival below!

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