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How do I use my camping kit?

How do I use the things I’ve gotten from Equippr?

This is a great question that we will be touching on quite a bit. The Equippr Base Camp and Summit festival camping kits are meant to supply you with the essentials that are easy to forget. We’ve spent many hours in stores trying to find little things we knew we needed like zip ties, baby wipes, and travel-size versions of daily necessities. It took us a lot of trial and error until we realized what we really needed to bring, and that is exactly what we put in our camping kits. We use these essentials in certain ways to keep our campsite functional and comfortable, but we encourage you to get creative with them too! To give you an idea of how to use some of the things that you’ll find in the Equippr kits, here’s an arrow-laden photo that shows how we set up our campsite:

 Setting up a campsite with a camping kit

Check out the lights attached to our tent and canopy! We’ve found that adding lights to our campsite helps out in a number of ways. At night you’ll be faced with the often-perplexing challenge of finding the camp you set up during the day. Having fun and colorful lights will help you locate your tent amongst the sea of other pole-based dwellings. Plus you’ll attract new friends with a prime hangout spot!

We included an LED lantern that you can use to either illuminate the inside of your tent or to mark your campsite in the dark. It’s also a good idea to take some good mental notes about where your campsite is before it gets dark and/or you have any beer.

LED costumes at music festivalWe also highly encourage illuminating yourself with LEDs or fiber optics so that your friends can find you, and most importantly, so that you can look awesome. In all of our kits, we provide a string of LED lights to adorn yourself with (which look similar to those pictured here) as well as a LifeGear Flashlight. The latter is an awesome tool that glows like a glowstick but also provides a standard light to find your way around. It will get you from stage to portapotty and back to your campsite while keeping your hands free with its lanyard attachment.

One of our favorite items in the kit is bungee cords – stretchy, hooky, wonderful bungee cords. Here are a few things that you can do with them:

  1. Stretch them between two poles (like the legs of a table) to make a paper towel holder.
  2. Put zip ties on your pots and pans and slip them onto a bungee over your kitchen set-up.
  3. Bundle your things inside a tarp for waterproofing. Just stretch them around and hook ‘em together!

Knowing how to use the items in your kit is essential to having a positive festival experience. Let us know what creative uses you come up with!

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