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How To Set Up Your Tent For A Festival

Getting your tent set up isn't quite as simple as just nailing down some stakes and connecting a few rods. If you want that big canvas bag to be your home for a few days, you're going to need to put some work in to make it comfortable and recognizable!

1. Waterproof it! Get some waterproofing spray to coat your tent, rain fly, and rain jacket. Seeing the water just roll off your clothes and shelter is really incredible when everything else is soaked.


water beading on tent
2. Put a tarp under your tent to protect the bottom from rocks, sticks, and other sharp objects. Make sure to stake it down to keep it from shifting.



Tarp under tent
3. Make everything tight, tight, tight! Tightly staked lines keep everything taut, tight knots keep things from coming undone in a storm, and a taut tent floor will make your little shelter much more comfortable.



Tent lines
4. Organize your tent with bad weather in mind.
    • Have a place to put your shoes so you don’t track mud inside the tent. A rubber mat like this will work well.
    • Keep things that need to stay dry (like your bed) away from the tent walls. Even with waterproofing, moisture will accumulate on the walls.
    • Put clothes, electronics, and other small dry items in trash bags for waterproofing.
    • Hang a lantern! If you got a Summit camping kit, a lantern will be really helpful in finding your way around your tent at night without a flashlight.


    Inside tent
    Banana Peel Workshop


    5. Personalize your tent on the outside! Hang up lights, shiny things, ribbons, or whatever else you can use to make your tent stand out. It will look cool, but even more importantly, you’ll be able to find your way home at night.

    Tent with green LEDs

    Let us know how you like to customize your tent below!

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