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Introducing Stank Weasel Hip Belts and Wallets!

The Equippr tent has been spotted at many festivals and has had the opportunity to vend alongside many fantastic and diverse artists during the 2016 season. It would take us months to list off every band member, photographer, jeweler, fabric artist, painter, and lapidary artist that inspired us those warm days of summer (but we do promise to try in a future blog post!).

There was one really wonderful artist that stood out to us as we shared a weekend as vendor-neighbors in the fresh, towering pine forest at Soulshine Farm Music Festival in Green Mountain, NC. She and her team sat underneath one of sturdiest tents we had ever seen and welcomed festivalgoers into her shop with a name that stopped people dead in their tracks. What was a "Stank Weasel"? Was it alive? Did it smell? If we bought one, would it need potty training?

Stank Weasel Logo

These questions were valid since there *is* clearly a weasel in the logo, but with one peek into this gallery of gorgeous recycled fabric, we realized that this brilliant tent had answered one of the biggest problems in festival culture: how to hold things and still look awesome. 

Stank Weasel Hip Pack


These hip packs are extremely versatile because they can slip onto any belt, backpack hip belt, or even scarf. This is the top feature in our opinion because it can be incorporated into whatever you are wearing without having to settle for a standard latching system. The bags feature a top-loading pocket with a secure zipper to hold your phone, lip balm, and other small essentials. Flip it open and the main compartment unzips to let you put everything else you need to carry - flashlight, small sunscreen, tools, you name it!



Here's our favorite Stank Weasel Hip Belt:

Stank Weasel Espresso Bag

This bag securely slides onto a belt, scarf, or backpack strap using the top sewn tube.

Stank Weasel Espresso Bag Open

The bag flips open to reveal the logo and main pocket.

Stank Weasel Espresso Bag Open Compartments

With the top storage compartment and main zippered body, you can fit everything you need without having to carry it on your shoulders!

Not only do you not have to compromise on style, you don't have to compromise on quality and ethical manufacturing processes. Made by the hands of owner Alex Greijn and the skilled artists she has trained, all fabric in Stank Weasel products is locally sourced in the Durham/Chapel Hill/Carrboro area of North Carolina. 

Stank Weasel Hip Belts

Alex and her team also make wallets using sustainable fabric that perfectly fit cards, cash and other small essentials you need out in the summer heat or just around town. Stank Weasel hip belt packs can easily replace a purse or small backpack any time of the year. Your shoulders will thank you for putting the weight of your essentials elsewhere!

Equippr is a proud retailer of Stank Weasel products because we believe in Alex's mission of sustainability, community, skill-building, and working hard to bring your creative dreams to reality. We are proud to be on this journey with her can't wait to see what the future holds for this fantastic company she has worked so diligently to build. 

Stank Weasel

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