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About Us

We love going to music and arts festivals. The wonderful and diverse people, the music, the camping, and the road trip are all part of the experience for us. After attending several festivals and meeting people who seemed to be struggling to stay warm, dry, and comfortable, we realized that our experiences and enjoyment of packing could help us create a product to solve this problem.

That's why we created Equippr. We want to help others enjoy the magic of festivals without the headache of finding all the little supplies necessary to keep yourself feeling human while you're out there. If you've packed for a festival before, you know that the local big-box store is probably out of something that you really need and that you'll probably forget something really important and realize it when the festival gates are closed. If you haven't packed for a festival before, you may not know the types of situations you'll need to be prepared for.

We want to take care of that tedious work for you so that you can have the gear you need for an amazing festival experience.