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How To Use Your Festival Kit

If we were handed an Equippr kit some time ago we would have had no clue how to use most of it to better our camping experience. We’ve put this pack together because at most festivals, most people are either under-prepared or only just prepared enough. They may have clothes, a tent, a sleeping bag, food, maybe some chairs and utensils for eating - really just the bare essentials of food and shelter for good weather.

Your Equippr kit gives you options. Here are some ideas for making use of it:


The most versatile and basic of all camping equipment, a tarp can:

  • Serve as a buffer between your tent and the ground to keep your tent from ripping on rough surfaces like rocks and sand (with stakes)
  • Help protect you from extreme rains by tossing on top of your tent as extra rainproofing. Be sure it doesn’t bunch up too badly and end up causing flooding instead.
  • Serve as a floor under a tent canopy (with stakes)
  • Cover your belongings as you pack up camp, protecting your things from rain and sun damage.


You can keep it the full 50 feet as one piece or cut it and burn the ends for multiple pieces. Try using it to:

  • Serve as a clothesline
  • Help attach a tarp to a tent canopy by weaving it through the grommets and around the canopy poles
  • Tie up a big tarp for easier portability
  • Tie it to a friend that gets lost easily for quick retrieval :)
  • Tie a tarp to a tree to build a super awesome waterproof tent fort

Zip Ties

  • Be careful when using these because they will not un-zip!
  • Try attaching them to things that need a loop to hang from

    Bungee Cords

    • Use them as a paper towel holder if you have a tent canopy or a table. Be sure to cover it up if rain is coming!
    • Great for hanging tapestries in a canopy
    • Bundle up tarps and other loose items


    • Great for clipping things onto a backpack or your belt loop
    • Use them to hang wet rain jackets under your canopy or other shelter to dry

    Baby Wipes

    If you don’t want to feel like you haven’t showered in days, use baby wipes to:

    • Wipe off your feet before getting into bed or whenever they feel/look dirty
    • Use like a shower wipe to remove dirt and sweat
    • Wipe your hands off before you eat to get a deeper clean than hand sanitizer

    Trash Bags

    You’ll need to contain your trash/recycling at your campsite, of course, but also use them to:

    • Keep your most important items dry if a bad rainstorm comes along
    • Waterproof your backpack by using one as a liner

    Plastic Bags

    • Use for containing important things like clothes, food, small crafts, or your cell phone.

    String Lights

    Lights are one of the most often overlooked but important things to bring to a festival. We don’t want you to look like a “darkwad” - someone who can’t be seen at night. Being seen is not only safer for you and those around you, it’s a lot more fun!

    • Attach the lights to a headpiece
    • String them around your hips or around your neck for an easy way to jazz up any outfit
    • String them on the outside of your backpack so your friends can easily find you
    • If you already have ways to illuminate yourself, hang these across the front of your tent so you can find it at night

      Life Gear Flashlight

      This is a wonderful little wearable that’s great to have on you at all times. It’s great for:

      • Making trips to the porta-potties without having to hold a flashlight! (One of its best features)
      • Being colorful while dancing or walking around without the trash-producing downsides of glow sticks

      First Aid Kit

      If you really hurt yourself at a festival, you’ll need to find a first aid tent or medical staff. We packed the Pocket First Aid Kit to help you overcome the smaller medical challenges like:

      • Headaches/cramps
      • Stomach upset
      • Minor cuts, burns, and scrapes
      • Allergy symptoms and allergic reactions
      • Bug bites
      • Minor burns

      Odds and Ends

      • Sunscreen (we recommend extra)
      • Baby powder
      • Breath mints
      • Condoms (we recommend extra)
      • Insect repellent wipes
      • Ear plugs
      • Drawstring backpack

      We hope this list helps you make use of our festival kits! We’d love to hear what unique uses you come up with for the items we’ve included, too!