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Pack Like a Pro

Packing ahead of time for a music festival is key. Tossing things into your car at the last minute might seem fun and spontaneous, but when you realize a few hundred miles away from home that you left something important on your kitchen counter, you'll probably be kicking yourself and wishing you thought ahead. It might sound like an over exaggeration, but festival camping should really be taken seriously since you most likely won't have the ability to leave the festival to make a supply run. Your tent neighbors are most likely going to be a kind and generous bunch, but arriving prepared feels so much better than depending on others.

We want to save you the headaches we've had in the past by sharing some of our most valued lessons with you about packing. This list will address the absolute essentials you will need to bring with you along with your festival camping kit. If you don't have these camping essentials, a quick search on Craigslist might find you some cheap gear or you may have a nice friend you can ask to borrow from. 

These are things that you will need in addition to your Equippr camping kit:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Extra blankets
  • Sleeping pad/air mattress
  • Air mattress pump with extra batteries
  • A pillow (if you'd prefer not to have to ball up your sweatshirt for a headrest)
  • Extra tarps (we don't recommend anything bigger than 10x12 unless you have a specific plan for it; bulky tarps are a pain to fold up and deal with!)Spongebob I need it
  • Rain gear (the poncho included in the kit should not be your only gear)
    • Rain boots
    • A jacket (not a cotton hoodie - it’ll get soaked if it rains!)
    • Rain pants (we're really big into the rain suit)
  • Water (1.5 gallons per day per person, if the festival does not provide)
  • Food (plan your meals!)
  • Extra clothes
    • More underwear and socks than you think you'll need
    • Warm clothes for nights and inclement weather
    • Some fast-drying pants and shirts (polyester, nylon, fleece)
  • Extra shoes (at least walking shoes and sandals)
  • Deodorant 
  • Extra sunscreen (because sunburns are really not fun)
  • A hat
  • Sunglasses (a cheap pair that you wouldn't be heartbroken over losing)
  • A backpack (for carrying things around while not at your campsite)
  • A water bottle/hydration bladder
  • Towels (for cleaning up messes and yourself)
  • Pocket knife
  • Paper towels
  • A cup, a plate, a fork or spork, and other eating utensils
  • Plastic bags to pack your clothes in (preferably clear ones so you can see versus trash bags. If your backpack gets rained on, you won't be out of clothes!)
  • Toilet paper (just put a roll in a plastic bag)

We highly recommend the following items to make your festival experience the best it can be:

  • A cooler (for beer & food!)
  • Ice (for the cooler)
  • Extra condomsSounds good dude
  • Fold-out chairs
  • Fold-out table
  • Plastic storage boxes
  • Camping stove and fuel
  • Pots and pans for cooking
  • A french press for coffee
  • A backup charger for your phone
  • A pop-up canopy
  • Backpack with a hydration reservoir
  • Gatorade or Emergen-C (to cure hangovers and keep you going)
  • Bandanas
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Extra lights and decorations for your camp
  • Fun outfits
  • Hand warmers

We hope this list helps you out. Let us know if there is anything else you would add!