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Festival First Aid Kit


The Equippr Festival First Aid Kit is packed with all the goodies you need to keep on partying at ever music/arts festival this season. Cure your hangover, bandage a cut, soothe your bug bites, and otherwise keep yourself comfy and healthy with the contents of this pocket-sized kit. The box is sealed tight to ensure the contents will not spill in your bag or get wet in a storm. Here's what's inside:

Assorted bandages
Alcohol prep pads (4)
Antibiotic ointment Packets (2)
Pepto Bismol® tablets (4)
Acetaminophen tablets (4)
Ibuprofen tablets (4)
Hydrocortisone (anti-itch) cream packets (2)
Antihistamine tablets (4)
Burn cream packets (2)

Be sure to check out our festival packing list too - there's lots more you'll need to have fun out there! We are also always open to improving our kits, so please let us know if you have any ideas that could improve others' festival experiences.

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